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  1. Steve Winwood

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    I will always associate Steve Winwood with California – and more specifically my time in the “Silicon Valley” area in 1988.  This was around the time the “Chronicles” compilation album had been released – and his songs were playing non-stop on California radios, particularly “Valerie”, “Talking Back to the Night” and “Higher Love”.  Ah! California days!...

    Steve Winwood is of course English, but his sound is much more “American” in my opinion – a fusion of blues, soul, pop and rock.  And it is in America that he perhaps enjoyed the most success throughout the 80s.

    Equally adept on the guitar and keyboards, his trademarks include a high-pitched, soulful voice and distinctive keyboard solos played in the manner of a guitarist (great solo on “Valerie” and many others).

    Steve Winwood started his career in the 60s as a member of the Spencer Davis Group, which scored a number of hits in the UK, incl. “Gimme Some Lovin’” which was a worldwide hit in 1966 – and which I discovered only much later, incidentally thanks to one of my other idols, Cerrone, who covered the song with Kongas and then live as a solo artist...


  2. My first concert

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    Before moving on to current days, I’m going to stick a little bit with early influences and another Queen memory: my first-ever rock concert!

    19 April 1982: Queen live in Paris, Palais des Sports (“Hot Space Tour”)

    At that time, Queen had just released their first “Greatest Hits” album 6 month earlier, “Under Pressure” had been released as a single, but the “Hot Space” album wasn’t due until a couple of weeks later.

    By 1982, I was a teenager and seriously into music.  But growing up in the French countryside, there weren’t many rock concerts – for that you had to make the trip to the capital: Paris…

    My dad took me to my first concert – and several after that – not cool, I know, but Paris was very foreign and overwhelming to me at the time, and that was the only way I would be able to go.  To be honest, I didn’t mind at all and I think my dad enjoyed the show almost as much as I did.  In fact, I had already started turning on the entire family to Queen, by taking charge of the entertainment during family car trips and forcing them into submission with mixtape after mixtape…

    I had been looking forward to this day for a long time.  The thought of being in the same building as my idols was blowing my mind.



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