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  1. Interview with Greig Watts, DWB Music

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    120227-DWBI caught up today with Greig Watts, my co-writer on “One Of The Days” and the “W” in the “DWB Music” songwriting, production and publishing group.  Greig told me about his latest hit with Korean superstar BoA, offered some great insights on writing and producing for the “Idol” market, and advice for songwriters trying to break in the business…

    (Pictured from left to right: Greig Watts, Pete Barringer, Paul Drew)


  2. Cassie

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    Cassie is hot!  That’s an understatement… Easily one of the most beautiful women on the planet!  Well, the good news is: Cassie’s back!

    Her 2005/6 debut single “Me & U” was a gem of understated R&B production by Ryan Leslie.  There was the album, a few follow-up singles and featured appearances… but not much since 2006… Not sure what happened…

    Then 2009 and the rad new “half-shaved” haircut… not many could have pulled that one off.

    Anyway… There’s a new album coming out early 2012 and the trailer for the first single “King of Hearts” has just been released – it’s more dance and sounds promising.

    I’ve put together a playlist of Cassie’s sexiest videos, including:

    the “King of Hearts” trailer,
    “Me & U”,
    “Long Way to Go”, and
    “Official Girl” (feat. Lil Wayne)

    Watch it here below or on my YouTube channel: pure hotness!   You’ll thank me later…

  3. Kelly Rowland

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    Kelly Rowland is pretty hot in the UK right now, being a judge on the X Factor.  In my book, she’s really hot, period.


    She was always my favorite member of Destiny’s Child – the cutest and most sexy one anyway! – and as a solo artist, I think she’s got the better songs and more pop/dance crossover appeal.

    I’ve compiled a list of my favorite songs/videos from the sexy Ms. Rowland.  Head over to my YouTube channel to view them… enjoy!



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