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  1. Foreigner

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    Foreigner is one of the great rock bands of the late 70s and 80s, having sold upwards of 70 million albums worldwide and scored numerous hit singles – most notably ballads such as “Waiting for a Girl Like You” (1981) and “I Want to Know What Love Is” (1984).

    The band skillfully combines hard-hedged rockers with timeless ballads and always flawless production.  Their current record company describes their style as “melodic hard rock” but in fact they are not easily pinned down and have incorporated keyboards, saxophone and even church choirs with the more traditional guitar-bass-drum rock formation...

  2. McFly

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    McFly – named after the “Back to the Future” character - is a British pop-rock band that formed in 2002 and has released 5 studio albums since 2004, scoring a string of hit singles mostly in the UK, Ireland and Europe.  They will be touring the UK March-April 2012, with some additional festival dates in June.

    McFly is an increasingly rare example in the pop world of mostly-self-contained good songwriting/musicianship – i.e. a band writing their own songs and playing actual instruments.

    Tom Fletcher (guitar/keyboards) and Danny Jones (guitars) share lead vocals and are the principal songwriters, with Dougie Poynter (bass) and Harry Judd (drums) also co-writing many songs...

  3. Bryan Adams

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    Bryan Adams is one of my all-time favorite artists and songwriters and his unique brand of pop, rock and ballads a major influence on my music.


    I first became aware of Bryan Adams with “Cuts Like a Knife” and his co-writes on KISS’ “Creatures of the Night”.  Then “Reckless” came out in 1984 and became one of the biggest albums of the 80s.

    At one of my first bands (in France, around 1985-87), every rehearsal would start with a “warm up” which consisted of playing most tracks on “Reckless”, particularly “Kids Wanna Rock”, “It’s Only Love”, “Summer of 69”, etc.  That album was the model and inspiration for the kind of music I wanted to make at the time. 

    At another band (in Austin, TX, 1989-90), I insisted that we include one Bryan Adams song in the repertoire – and we chose “Run to You”...



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