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  1. Kate Ryan

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    Kate Ryan is a Belgian europop-dance artist popular across continental Europe since the early 2000s. 

    I “discovered” her thanks to “Soundic Radio” (check them out in iTunes under Radio / International) then went on to buy the excellent albums “Free” and “Essential” (2008), which I highly recommend…

    French Connection

    Although Flemish-speaking, she has enjoyed a string of hits in French, particularly dance covers of eighties French classics originally released by the likes of Mylène Farmer (“Désanchantée”, “Libertine”), France Gall (“Ella, elle l’a”, “Babacar”) or Desireless (“Voyage Voyage”).

    A brilliant idea, brilliantly executed: these were great songs to begin with, made even better with a great dance-trance production for the new millennium (my personal favorite: “Ella, elle l’a” originally written by Michel Berger as a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald).


    While she’d always mixed covers and originals, Kate Ryan is now focused on original material.  After “LoveLife” and “Broken” in 2011, Kate released last week a new single and sexy video – “Robots” – with an album long-rumored to be in the works… 

  2. The Attic: Michael Feiner & Eric Amarillo

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    120517-TheAttic-RememberTomorrowToday, I would like to pay tribute to The Attic and one of the greatest pop albums of the 00s: “Remember Tomorrow”

    The Attic I am talking about is those guys, not to be confused with those guys (iTunes and others seem to have them mixed up)!

    Hunky and Funky

    The Attic are (were?) Swedish DJs/songwriter-producers Michael Feiner and Eric Amarillo, two childhood friends who started in 2003 as “Stereopol”, subsequently re-branded themselves as “The Attic”, and now go by their stage names “Michael Feiner & Eric Amarillo”, both together and separately.

    Michael Feiner is the hunky one, also on lead vocals and saxophone.  Eric Amarillo is the funky one, also on guitar... 

  3. Naughty Dreams

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    "Naughty Dreams" started with a lyric from David B.  The lyric naturally invited a sexy pop-dance feel, and that’s what I tried to do with the music.

    My original treatment of the song was a bit “eighties” and not up to the standards of today’s pop-dance music productions.  So we brought in my friend Viceroy to update the production.  Viceroy also came up with a new interesting chord at the end of the choruses and suggested that we double up the bridge.

    The result is still a bit “eighties”, but rather than “stuck in…” it’s now more of an “homage to…”

    Overall I’m very pleased with the song, which could equally work for a female singer.


    Words by David B. & A. Robin / Music by A. Robin & Viceroy
    Produced by Viceroy & SuperCool-Guy
    © 2012 – All rights reserved 

    At night when I go to sleep
    I creep into bed under my silk sheets
    I close my eyes so don’t you wake me up
    It gets so hot, I can’t get enough
    I can’t get enough of… 


    Naughty dreams
    Naughty dreams
    Doin’ all kinds of dirty things – dirty things
    Feel the heat
    Feel the steam
    Deep inside my naughty dreams
    Naughty dreams
    Naughty dreams
    Doin’ all kinds of dirty things – dirty things
    Feel the heat
    Feel the steam
    Deep inside my naughty dreams 

    Hot hands all over my body
    Deepest pleasures take over completely
    It’s so crazy, so freaky, so hot
    Don’t want it to stop. I can’t get enough
    Can’t get enough of… 


    Naughty Dreams


    Fireworks goin’ off around me
    Exploding with sexuality
    No self-control, I feel so free
    Fantasies become reality


    Naughty Dreams… 

    [Repeat chorus]



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