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  1. Drummer-Songwriters

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    The drums being a rhythmic – as opposed to a melodic – instrument, songwriting is not a natural progression for drummers.  But drummers can be multi-instrumentalists and well-rounded musicians, and do cross over, sometimes to outstanding results.

    As a songwriter who started with drums as a teenager, then learned to play basic parts on the keyboard – just so I could play the melodies I was hearing in my head – the following drummer-songwriters have made particularly strong impressions on me: 


  2. Toto

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    The percussions on Toto’s “Africa” were my guide when composing and recording “Tierra del Fuego” and clearly influenced the feel of the track… so today allow me to pay homage to one of pop-rock’s all-time greatest bands.


    "Pop-rock" doesn't quite do them justice in fact.  Toto’s style has always been one of fusion. Their self-titled 1978 debut fused disco and prog-rock.  While the prog-rock influences remained dominant on the first 3 albums, a wide range of other styles have fused in and out of the Toto “sound” over the years, including many flavors of "world" music, jazz, funk, hard rock, California "FM" pop-rock, and ballads...

     The band further demonstrated its musical prowess and versatility by writing and producing the mostly-orchestral soundtrack to David Lynch’s 1984 “Dune”.

    If it’s impossible to pin Toto down to a specific musical style, there is however a definite Toto “sound” that emerges from its distinctive, sophisticated and melodic songwriting, vocals and playing techniques…

  3. Foo Fighters

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    Congratulations to the Foo Fighters for winning 5 Grammys last Sunday (Best Rock Performance; Long-form Music Video; Hard Rock/Metal Performance; Rock Song; and Rock Album)

    This is well deserved too – the Foos are in my opinion the greatest rock band currently in operation (not including KISS, which are in a category of their own!) and their latest album, 2011’s “Wasting Light”, an amazing record.


    Pictured, on the red carpet at the Grammy’s, 12 Feb 2012, from left to right: Nate Mendel (bass), Taylor Hawkins (drums), Dave Grohl (lead vocals, guitars), Chris Shiflett (lead guitar), Pat Smear (guitars)...



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