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  1. Céline Dion

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    120311-CelineDionCéline Dion is one of pop’s all-time greatest voices and without a doubt THE voice of the 1990s.

    She’s worked with the best producers and songwriters – from David Foster to Walter Afanasieff, Jean-Jacques Goldman and many more – and has always elevated their songs to heights only she can reach.

    Céline Dion has an “international” career (in English), and a French career.  If you are not familiar with her French songs, there are some real gems that I hope you will discover with this blog.

    Rather than pointlessly rehash her biography and numerous achievements, I’m going to leave you with a list of personal favorites and greatest hits from Céline’s repertoire, with links to the official YouTube videos whenever available and the full playlist below and on my YouTube channel:

  2. Teaser Medley "Back In The Groove"

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    I have just mixed and uploaded a medley of new songs, to be released over the coming months.

    I hope you enjoy it - let me know what you think!?

    The medley features snipets from the following tracks:

    Whatever You Do
    One Of These Days (feat. Maria Willson)
    Tierra del Fuego (feat. PJ Lequerica)
    Naughty Dreams
    Time Difference
    You Don't Get Me (feat. Kelly Webb)
    California Days
    Spirits Danced (feat. PJ Lequerica)
    Back In The Groove (feat. Priscilla Slade)



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