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2020! New Remix:

Steven Wilson - Personal Shopper (SuperCool-Guy Remix)

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2020! New Indie Game Soundtrack:

Only You Can Save the Space Whale Multiverse!

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Album "Back in the Groove"

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I am a French, London-based songwriter/producer and I release some of my music under the name  “SuperCool-Guy”.

My music combines a wide range of influences across decades, genres – including pop, rock, dance – and nationalities – including French, Asian, Scandinavian, British and American.  I try to deliver satisfying and memorable melodies, and a positive energy.  

I also occasionally use this site to blog about the music, songwriters and artists that I love (OK I've been a little lazy recently, but I am still around – this is 2020 – and I will pick it up at some point...).

I always welcome collaboration enquiries from talented artists and other writers, particularly lyricists.






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