Party in the Sun: New EP, music video, and remix out now on all platforms!

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“Party in the Sun” is track no.3 on the album “So That’s How It Ended…”. It is re-released today as part of a 2-track EP and music video featuring a new remix by London DJ Moz. 

Party in the Sun 

The EP

The “Party in the Sun” EP is available now on all digital music platforms. Here’s the links:


The original mix

“Party in the Sun” started with a lyric by Gavin Clifton and Larry Wheeler. Gavin started it, brought in Larry to “fill in the gaps”, and then asked me if I would write the music. 

I followed Gavin and Larry’s verse and chorus lyric exactly – which already included the repeated “party” motif – only making minute fine-tuning to improve phrasing. The bridge lyric, however, was very much a 3-way co-write, including my personal favourite line: “Live the fantasy, Insta the memory!”

For the music, rather than go with the more obvious four-to-the-floor dance style, I chose to do something a bit funkier. Whenever I produce a track, I try to do something that I haven’t done before. I had never written or produced a funk track before. 

I went for a very traditional 70’s funk/disco arrangement based around drums, bass, electric piano, guitar, and strings, but added a couple of twists to make it sound current: first, the heavily-processed vocals, which I think make the track a bit reminiscent of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”; second, the bridge breakdown, which has become a staple of modern pop and dance music but is typically not found in classic funk or disco tracks.

The drums were played live on an electronic kit, the MIDI was “cleaned up” in the computer and triggers a Studio Drummer kit, with claps added on top. 

The bass was rendered with a blend of Scarbee Jay-Bass and Roland’s “Modular Bs 6” patch.

The keys were played with a blend of Scarbee A-200’s “Dreamatizer” and Roland’s “S.A.E.P” patch. 

The funky rhythm guitar was programmed with Scarbee Funk Guitarist, and the guitar riff at the end (my favourite part!) was played with RealStrat and GuitarRig5’s “Phased Rhythm” effect preset. 


The Moz Mix

Moz is a London-based DJ and producer who brings a great sensibility for dance music and what works on the dancefloor. 

Says Moz, “the song sounded like a disco record, so I tried to push it more in the dance direction, particularly with the drums.”

I love what Moz has done with the track, so we decided to release it as an EP and use it for the music video…


The music video

“Party in the Sun” is a feel-good anthem, an ode to good times, summer fun and friendship. I thought it’d be cool to do a fun and sexy video for it and the concept is an extension of the line “Live the fantasy, Insta the memory!”



Lyrics: Gavin Clifton, Larry Wheeler & A. Robin

Music: A. Robin

Vocals: SuperCool-Guy

Instruments: SuperCool-Guy

Arrangement, production and original mix: SuperCool-Guy

Remix and additional production: Moz

Mastering: Jon Astley

Music Video credits incl. featured Instagrammers in order of appearance on the YouTube page. 



I want to see sunlight dance on your skin

Your deep blue eyes sparkle and shine

There ain’t no limit to what we can do

We’ve got a hot summer state of mind


We’ve got a wild side

We’re born to be alive



This party, party, party, party, party, party, party, party

This party’s just begun

This party, party, party, party, party, party, party, party

This party in the sun


Our bodies now crashing like oceans waves

Coming together as we fall apart

Going in time to this crazy beat

We keep moving ‘till a new day starts


We’ve got a wild side

We’re born to be alive

Living the high life

Loving in paradise



Party, party, party, party, party, party, party, party


Come and strike a pose

Take a selfie

Come on closer, smile and hold me

Come and strike a pose

With your bestie

Live the fantasy

Insta the memory




Party, party, party, party, party, party, party, party x3

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