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  1. Check out my new song "You (So Alive!)" feat. Fay Cannings!

    Words, music & arrangement by: A. Robin
    Vocals by: Fay Cannings
    Produced by: SuperCool-Guy

    Verse 1
    Kind of physical
    Kind of spiritual
    I’ve never felt this way before… it’s kind of magical

    Pre-Chorus 1
    Been around the world, searching for the answer
    And here you stand, it’s you I was after

    You… you make me whole
    You… you make me feel like I’m invincible
    You… you take me home
    You lift me up, I don’t know how
    You make me feel… so alive!

    Verse 2
    This feeling taking over me… is unstoppable

    Pre-Chorus 2
    You came to me when I was down
    I’ll stand by you, our lives are bound


    And when we touch I feel your fire
    You make me feel… alive!

    CHORUS +

    You lift me up, I don’t know how
    You make me feel… so alive!

    © â„— 2018 A. Robin - All rights reserved

  2. QUEEN + Adam Lambert is a triumph and a match made in heaven. In this blog entry, I look back at the four shows I had the joy to experience, some of the shows’ highlights (attention: spoilers), and I give a bit of context on this fan’s very personal experience of QUEEN + Adam Lambert. I also make a few wishes re: possible continuation of this magical collaboration…